The main objectives of this course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the origin and development of Buddhist in general with special reference to the introduction and evolution of Buddhism in Nepal. It also aims to impart the students with the knowledge how it (Buddhism) developed into a complex religious system during the medieval period, particularly after the inception of Mahayana & Vajrayana schools in country.
People of Nepal widely practiced Buddhism in ancient and medieval periods. They have developed a vast literature, social, cultural, & ritual traditions and have preserve the social norms & moral values. This values & educational patterns have firmly preserved their distinctive religious- cultural traditions of this country, thus forming a very potential heritage of Nepal. All such traditions will be areas to be studied under the course of the “post- Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies” to popularize these traditions for a better future of Buddhist academic tradition in the kingdom of Nepal.

Major objectives of C-DOBS are as follows:

  • To impart knowledge of the history, its development and spread of Buddhism to students;
  • To train students in critical appreciation of Buddhist thoughts and traditions in comparison to non-Buddhist ones;
  • To enlighten students on importance of Pali and Sanskrit literature in the study of Buddhist literature;
  • To make students knowledgeable about Buddhist societies, life cycle rites and rituals, practices, festivals, literatures and scholars of Nepal Mandala;
  • To train students in research methodology in order to enable them to study various aspects of Buddhism such as history, scholars, sects, philosophy, literature, art history, and architecture;
  • To enable students to understand other major religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Confucianism, Zen and so on;
  • To familiarize students with the Himalayan and Tibetan Buddhism; and
  • To acquaint students with knowledge of Buddhist cultural heritage and sites in the world.